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About Our Caregivers

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Young woman caregiver hugging a elderly woman

Caregiver Compatibility Guarantee

At Sincere Care we understand selecting a caregiver as personal companion as a very personal task, and personality match is extremely important. We will help match you with an experienced caregiver, and if you are not satisfied with our recommended caregiver we will provide you with others until you find the right caregiver you are comfortable with.

Caregiver Screening & Reference Check

We ask all potential caregivers to come to our office for a personal screening and to provide professional references. Our care managers will ask a detailed checklist of questions to understand a caregiver’s experience, personality, and values to make sure every caregiver we send out is experienced, compassionate, trusting, and patient.

Our Caregivers Speak Your Language!

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Tagalog

  • Indonesian

  • Armenia

  • Italian

  • German

  • French

We Background Check Twice!

Potential caregivers are initially background checked using BeenVerified, the most powerful online background check available, to check for any prior convictions, court judgments, misdemeanors and felonies.

We require a second comprehensive LIVE SCAN criminal background check on all caregivers and nurses before we send them out to clients. A Live Scan check requires the caregiver to go to a secure Live Scan fingerprint location to be fingerprinted and present proper identification. Live Scan is the most comprehensive background check available, and uses the database of the California Department of Justice (CDOJ) & the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Not all agencies will check backgrounds twice!

We Provided Bonded and Insured Caregivers

  • Bonded Caregivers

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Other Caregiver Requirements

  •  Tuberculosis Test or Chest X-Ray

  •  CPR Certification

  •  Social Security Verification

  •  Driver’s License or State Identification Card

Young caregiver helping senior clients Take Care of Plants
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