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Companion Care

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Young woman caregiver playing chess with a senior she is caring for

Many seniors live alone. Being isolated is unhealthy both emotionally and physically. A companion caregiver makes sure that you or your loved has someone around to talk to, play games with, and just simply being a friend to provide emotional support.

At Sincere Care we understand selecting a caregiver for a companion is a very personal task, and personality match is extremely important. We will help match you with an experienced caregiver, and if you are not satisfied with our recommended caregiver we will provide you with others until you find the right caregiver you are comfortable with.

Companion Care includes:

  • Fall Prevention

  • Running Errands

  • Conversations

  • Shopping Escort

  • Emotional Support

  • Transportation

  • Encourage Activities

  • Basic Health Monitoring

  • Preparing Meals

  • Monitor Skin Breakdowns

  • Monitor Diet

  • Monitor Weight

  • Arrange & Set Appointments

  • Monitor Vital Signs

  • Medication Reminders

  • Diabetes Glucose Monitoring

  • Walking Assistance

  • Encourage Adequate Fluids

  •  Help Perform Prescribed Exercises

  • Medication Reminders

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