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Personal Care

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Sincere Home Care caregiver checking the blood pressure of a senior woman

Personal Care

Personal Care includes assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and incontinence. Having a caregiver to help with personal hygiene tasks can help you or your loved one maintain dignity and self respect.

Personal Care includes:

  •  Fall Prevention

  • Bedside Commode

  • Feeding Assistance

  • Bedpan Usage

  • Bathing Assistance

  • Incontinence Care

  • Sponge Baths

  • Medication Reminders

  • Dressing Assistance

  • Basic Health Monitoring

  • Special Orthodontics

  • Monitor Skin Breakdowns

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Monitor Weight

  • Hair Care

  • Monitor Vital Signs

  • Shaving

  • Diabetes Glucose Monitoring

  • Bathroom Assistance

  • Encourage Adequate Fluids

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